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E.g., 2022-09-30
E.g., 2022-09-30
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title
JUN 1st November 2021 Juniper Seminar Series - November Talk
JUN 11th October 2021 Juniper Seminar Series - October Talk
TGMW78 10th September 2021 Open Discussion and Wrap-up
TGMW78 10th September 2021 Round Table Discussion
TGMW78 10th September 2021 Alejandro Marangoni Nanoscale Structure and Rheology of Edible Fats
TGMW78 10th September 2021 Anwesha Sarkar Plant-based Particles at Fluid-fluid Interface
TGMW78 10th September 2021 Alexander Mathys More Sustainable Biomass and Macromolecules for Food Applications with a Case Study on Microalgae
TGMW78 9th September 2021 Poster Exhibition and Networking
TGMW78 9th September 2021 Elevator Pitches
TGMW78 9th September 2021 Industrial Challenge Pitches
TGMW78 9th September 2021 Michael de Volder Title to be confirmed
TGMW78 9th September 2021 Tea, Coffee and Posters
TGMW78 9th September 2021 Alfons van Blaaderen Title to be confirmed
TGMW78 9th September 2021 Emanuela Del Gado Rigidity, Softness and Stress Redistribution in Functional Gels
TGMW78 8th September 2021 Posters, Networking and Drinks
TGMW78 8th September 2021 Jeff Chen Can Machine Learning Aid Soft Matter Theory
TGMW78 8th September 2021 Andrea Liu Title to be confirmed
TGMW78 8th September 2021 Berend Smit Title to be confirmed
TGMW78 8th September 2021 Daniel Read Polymer Rheology (Linear) and Crystallisation
TGMW78 8th September 2021 Thomas O'Connor Polymer Melt Dynamics - Tube Theory/Simulations
TGMW78 8th September 2021 Qian Huang Experimental Advances in Extensional Flow
TGMW78 8th September 2021 Mike Cates Welcome and Introduction
JUN 6th September 2021 Juniper Seminar Series - September Talk
JUN 12th July 2021 Juniper Seminar Series - July Talk
HYDW08 2nd July 2021 Free Discussion
HYDW08 2nd July 2021 Miguel Onorato TBA
HYDW08 2nd July 2021 Victor Shrira On Novel Essentially 2D Evolution Equations For Longwave Nonlinear Patterns In Boundary Layers
HYDW08 2nd July 2021 Pavel Lushnikov Dispersive Free Surface Dynamics in Conformal Variables
HYDW08 2nd July 2021 David Ketcheson Solitary Water Waves Created by Variations in Bathymetry
HYDW08 2nd July 2021 Alexander Minakov Soliton Gas for the Modified Korteweg-De Vries Equation
HYDW08 1st July 2021 Free Discussion
HYDW08 1st July 2021 Chaired Discussion
HYDW08 1st July 2021 Derchyi Wu The Inverse Scattering Theory Of Perturbed Kpii Multi Line Solitons
HYDW08 1st July 2021 Giovanni Ortenzi Catastrophe Singularities of Homogeneous Euler Equation
HYDW08 1st July 2021 Boris Konopelchenko On Universality of Homogeneous Euler Equation
HYDW08 1st July 2021 Iryna Egorova The Toda Shock And Rarefaction Problems
HYDW08 1st July 2021 Mattia Cafasso Integrability Of Integro-Differential Painlevé Equations
HYDW08 30th June 2021 Free Discussion
HYDW08 30th June 2021 Sylvie Benzoni-Gavage TBA
HYDW08 30th June 2021 Vera Mikyoung Hur Unstable Water Waves
HYDW08 30th June 2021 Alina Chertock Finite-Volume-Particle Methods for the Two-Component Camassa-Holm System
HYDW08 30th June 2021 Sergey Gavrilyuk Hyperbolic Approximation of Dispersive Systems
HYDW08 30th June 2021 Rosa Vargas-magana Dispersive Shock Waves In The Ocean And The Atmosphere. An Accurate Description Of These Waves Through Whitham-Boussinesq Water Wave Models.
HYDW08 29th June 2021 Free Discussion
HYDW08 29th June 2021 Dmitry Pelinovsky Rogue Waves On The Background Of Periodic Standing Waves In The Derivative NLS Equation
HYDW08 29th June 2021 Alex Himonas On Initial And Initial-Boundary Value Problems For Dispersive PDEs
HYDW08 29th June 2021 Poster Session
HYDW08 29th June 2021 Maxim Pavlov Whitham Equations and Hyperelliptic Curves
HYDW08 29th June 2021 Christian Klein Complex Geometric Optics Solutions For D-Bar Problems
HYDW08 28th June 2021 Free Discussion
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