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Women in Mathematics

Supporting Women Mathematical Scientists

Maria Esteban

Leticia Brambila-Paz and Angela Ortega


The Isaac Newton Institute is committed to equal opportunities at all levels of our activities. This commitment is founded not just on principles of fairness and justice but on the recognition that, as a world-class research institute, we must utilise the whole spectrum of mathematical research talent. Moreover, as an international visitor research institute in the mathematical sciences, we have a pivotal role in developing the research careers of women mathematical scientists, thereby helping to redress the historical gender imbalance. The Institute Equality and Diversity Action Plan (previously the Gender Balance Action Plan) details some concrete steps that we shall take in the next few years.

> Equality and Diversity Action Plan (2018-2020)

For reference, please find below the previous Action Plan as well as a document detailing its outcomes.

Gender Balance Action Plan (2013-2017)
> OUTCOMES: Gender Balance Action Plan (2013-2017)


Six questions with... is a series of interviews which showcase the achievements of inspirational women from all kinds of backgrounds and at all stages of their mathematical sciences careers. If you are a female mathematical scientist, have participated in Institute activities, and would like to contribute to the series, please contact the Information Co-ordinator.

The Institute is committed to removing barriers to women's participation in Institute activities. We have specific schemes in place to assist with family support, details of which can be found on our "Provision of care" page. Please contact the Institute Administrator for further information and advice.

Funding may be available from the London Mathematical Society to assist with childcare costs for UK based mathematicians. Further details are available on the LMS webpage Childcare Supplementary Grants.

The video below contains an exerpt from the talk "More Tales of Our Forefathers" given by Professor Barry Simon in December 2017. It provides a short biography of pioneering 19th century mathematician Emmy Noether, and we hope proves of interest on the subject of gender equality in the mathematical sciences.

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