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Video interviews

Since August 2017, INI has filmed video interviews with the Organisers of each programme held at the Institute. The aim of these videos is to provide an introduction to the subject of each programme, the challenges inherent within it, and the likely outcomes from the research undertaken. Below you will find those that have been published so far, starting with the most recent and descending in chronological order. This page will be refreshed with new videos as they are produced. 

Applicable resurgent asymptotics: towards a universal theory

KAH programme: organisers Rob de Jeu, Roy Joshua, James D Lewis, Charles Doran and Marc Levine

GRA programme: organisers Martin Liebeck and Colva Roney-Dougal

CAT programme: organisers Andre Weideman, Linda Cummings and Stefan Llewellyn Smith

EBD Programme: Organisers Peter Challenor and Peter Cox

GCS Programme: organisers Elizabeth Mansfield, Elena Celledoni and Arieh Iserles

FHT Programme: organisers Steven Niederer and Richard Clayton

MES Programme: organisers John Moriarty and Almut Veraart

DNM Programme: organisers Arghir Zarnescu, Xian Chen, Valeriy Slastikov and Miha Ravnik

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