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Library services

Library services to INI participants are available from the Betty and Gordon Moore Library on presentation of an INI entrance card. The Moore Library, which is less than a minutes walk away, holds Cambridge University Library's working collections in mathematics, physics, astronomy, computer science, materials science, engineering, biological, chemical, earth and environmental sciences providing major working collections in support of the teaching and research of the University in science and technology - see


Library Guide

Using other Cambridge Libraries

The Betty and Gordon Moore Library (BGML) houses the University's main collections in the physical sciences, technology and mathematics, and is located to the rear of INI.

The Central Science Library (CSL) has specific responsibility for biological, chemical, earth and environmental sciences. It is located in the centre of Cambridge on the New Museums Site.

The University Library (UL) is the main library for the University of Cambridge. It is a legal deposit library and contains material on a wide range of subjects.

Cambridge Central Library is the public library in Lion Yard, Cambridge. Visitors and their families may arrange to join this library and use online resources by filling in the Online Application Form. Library cards will be mailed out to you within 10 working days.

Online Resources

The eresources@cambridge portal contains access to a wide variety of online resources including journals, books, newspapers and databases. Most eresources provide on-campus access through IP recognition within the domain.

Cambridge Libraries Gateway

The Cambridge Libraries Gateway is a useful starting point for navigating the 100+ libraries in Cambridge and for learning how to find resources.

INI Preprints

INI has its own Preprint Series where the scientific papers of the Institute are freely available to all. The Preprint Series conforms to the Green Open Access policy.

INI visitors are encouraged to submit relevant papers to the series. All papers must have been either completed at or based on work that took place partially or wholly at the Institute. You can still submit material to the preprint series even after your visit has ended as long as it is based on work that you did during your visit. Please send a PDF copy to preprints[at][dot]uk, which will be added to the Preprint Series.

INI Publications

Copies of books that have resulted from INI scientific programmes are kept and can be borrowed. Details can be found the Books arising from INI activities webpage.

Books about Sir Isaac Newton

The INI does not hold any of Newton's original manuscripts or papers; these are primarily to be found in the archives of Cambridge University Library and the Keynes Collection at King's College. INI does, however, hold a collection of texts dealing with Newton's life and works, including modern editions of some of his correspondence, mathematical and optical papers. We have also been given a modern transcript of the 1671 will of William Clark, the Grantham apothecary with whom Newton boarded while at the King's School (c.1630), and an inventory of the apothecary's shop (by kind permission of Ms V Horry). All books can be found in the Books about Sir Isaac Newton webpage.

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