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Programmes & Events

(above) The three principal organisers of the 2017 NPC programme:  Alessandra Iozzi, Cornelia Drutu Badea and Goulnara Arzhantseva.

INI is a creative collaborative space which is occupied by up to fifty-five mathematical scientists at any one time (and many more when there is a workshop). Some of them may not have met before and others may not realise the relevance of other research to their own work. INI is especially important as a forum where early-career researchers meet senior colleagues and form networks that last a lifetime.

Scientific programmes are selected by an international Scientific Steering Committee, and oversight of the management of the Institute is in the hands of a Management Committee.

INI is committed to achieving excellence in research and scholarship. The University of Cambridge provides guidance on and links to policies addressing issues of research integrity, research ethics and good research practice at:

All seminars (where permission is given by the speaker) are streamed live and made available for download in our Web Seminars collection.


Programmes and workshops poster: click here to view an annually produced poster detailing the year's programmes and workshops schedule.

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