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Advances in geophysical and astrophysical turbulence


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16th May 2022 to 20th May 2022
Leslie Smith
Edriss Titi
Steven Tobias


Workshop theme:

New developments in geophysical and astrophysical fluid dynamics (GFD/AFD) are increasingly critical to address pressing questions regarding the earth's weather and climate, as well as the evolution of planetary systems more generally. In an eclectic approach, this workshop aims to fuel progress in GFD/AFD, combining rigorous mathematical analysis, dynamical systems, statistical and data-driven methods, together with analytical and numerical modelling. Overarching themes include regularity results, anisotropic turbulence, extreme-event analysis and turbulent transport. More specifically, the workshop will address challenges arising in complex GFD/AFD systems such as atmospheric models with water substance, coupled ocean-atmosphere models, exoplanet models and turbulent coupled systems arising in stars and disk.

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