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The mathematics of energy systems

Participation in INI programmes is by invitation only. Anyone wishing to apply to participate in the associated workshop(s) should use the relevant workshop application form.

3rd January 2019 to 3rd May 2019
John Moriarty
Andy Philpott
Almut Veraart
Stan Zachary
Bert Zwart

Programme Theme

The rapid advance of renewable generation brings fundamental interdisciplinary research challenges. On shorter timescales there are increasing problems of control and optimisation, while new questions of physical and economic design are emerging on the longer investment timescales. Network flows must be managed reliably under uncertain demands, uncertain supply, emerging network technologies and possible failures and, further, prices in related markets can be highly volatile. Drawn from mathematics, economics and engineering, the interdisciplinary participants in this programme will address a range of associated problems, including modelling, prediction, simulation, control, market and mechanism design and optimisation. Our aims are both to develop methodology which is urgent for the next several years and to sow the seeds of a lasting mathematical research agenda.

Research tracks

14 - 25 Jan: Look-ahead operational planning under uncertainty - organised by Pascal Van Hentenryck

28 Jan - 8 Feb: Budgeting and scheduling of maintenance and replacement of power system components - organised by Louis Wehenkel 

11 - 15 Feb: Future Electricity Markets – From natural evolutions to disruptive proposals - organised by Pierre Pinson

25 Feb - 1st Mar: Data and analytics for short-term operations - organised by Yannig Goude and Pierre Pinson

11-15 March : Moving energy through time: storage and demand side response - organised by Golbon Zakeri and James Cruise

25 – 29 March: Equilibria and computation in markets with risk - organised by Michael Ferris

1 - 12 April: Pricing and optimization of intraday/day-ahead electricity and futures contracts - organised by Florentina Paraschiv

15 - 18 April: Planning Low-Carbon Electricity Systems under Uncertainty Considering Operational Flexibility and Smart Grid Technologies - organised by Pierluigi Mancarella and Rodrigo Moreno

22 - 26 April: Mechanism Design for the Economics of Future Energy Systems - organised by Ankur Kulkarni


Scientific Advisory Committee

Rene Aid (Paris Dauphine) 

Clemence Alasseur (EDF) 

Eddie Anderson (Sydney) 

Sergey Foss (Heriot-Watt) 

Ben Godfrey (Western Power Distribution) 

Frank Kelly (Cambridge) 

Ruediger Kiesel (Duisburg-Essen) 

Thorsten Koch (Berlin) 

Jean-Yves Le Boudec (EPFL)

David Lenaghan (National Grid) 

Jan Maciejowski (Cambridge) 

Henrik Madsen (DTU) 

Sean Meyn (Florida) 

Guy Nason (Bristol) 

David Newbery (Cambridge) 

Mark O’Malley (Dublin) 

Shmuel Oren (Berkeley) 

Patrick Panciatici (RTE) 

Andrew Richards (National Grid) 

Philippe Vassilopoulos (EPEX SPOT)


The MES organisers would like to thank both National Grid ESO and DeepMind Technologies Limited for their sponsorship towards the programme's costs.

MES Programme: organisers John Moriarty and Almut Veraart

University of Cambridge Research Councils UK
    Clay Mathematics Institute London Mathematical Society NM Rothschild and Sons