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Infectious Disease Dynamics - Follow-up Meeting

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19th May 2014 to 6th June 2014

Organisers: Chris Dye (WHO), John Edmunds (LSHTM), Julia Gog (Cambridge), Bryan Grenfell (Princeton), Hans Heesterbeek (Utrecht), Valerie Isham (UCL) and Denis Mollison (Heriot-Watt)

Programme Theme

The 4-week IDD programme at the Newton Institute in August/September 2013 brought together a large group of mathematicians, statisticians, epidemiologists, biologists and ecologists from all over the world in order to review progress over the past 20 years and to discuss today's challenges for epidemic modelling.

Participants in this programme worked in small cross-disciplinary groups to define a suite of challenges for infectious disease researchers, ranging from fundamental methodology to problems of specific diseases and their public health impact.

A collection of wide-ranging papers on Challenges in Infectious Disease Dynamics formed a key output from the September programme and these will appear in the summer 2014 edition of Epidemics.

Details of the Proposed 2014 Workshop

This follow-up workshop proposes to condense and disseminate the outputs from the 4 week September 2013 programme. Its aims include the following:

  • To finalise the systematic look at the use of models to inform public health decisions and to analyse where and why models fail in their predictions
  • To set the agenda for future research: to determine the main challenges, both in understanding and public health needs and in methodology
  • To foster collaboration and a new generation of young talented researchers with the aim of starting to address some of the challenges identified above, through a programme of concrete research activities.


Final Scientific Report: 
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