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Mathematical, Foundational and Computational Aspects of the Higher Infinite

Participation in INI programmes is by invitation only. Anyone wishing to apply to participate in the associated workshop(s) should use the relevant workshop application form.

19th August 2015 to 18th December 2015
Joan Bagaria ICREA, Universitat de Barcelona
Mirna Dzamonja University of East Anglia
Benedikt Löwe Universiteit van Amsterdam, Universität Hamburg


Scientific Advisory Committee: Martin Hyland (Cambridge), Alexander S. Kechris (Pasadena CA), Menachem Magidor (Jerusalem) and Jouko Väänänen (Helsinki and Amsterdam)

Programme Theme

The goals of set theory are the analysis of the structure of the Higher Infinite, i.e. Cantor's set-theoretic universe and the elucidation of the nature of infinite mathematical objects and their role in foundational issues underlying mathematics. Moreover, the current standard system of set theory, the Zermelo-Fraenkel axioms with the Axiom of Choice (ZFC), is the usual framework for a large part of mathematics.

Current set-theoretic research on infinity focuses on the following three broad areas: large Cardinals and inner model theory, descriptive set-theoretic methods and classification problems, and infinite combinatorics.

The programme HIF will connect these three main strands of set-theoretic research and other fields of set theory to the wider scope of mathematics, to research in the foundations of mathematics, including some philosophical issues, and to research on computational issues of infinity, e.g. in theoretical computer science and constructive mathematics.

The following topics are a non-exclusive list of important examples of relevant fields for the research done in the programme HIF:

  1. The structure of definable subsets of the continuum
  2. Infinite combinatorics, forcing, and large cardinals
  3. Inner models of large cardinals and aspects of determinacy
  4. Applications of set theory to other areas of mathematics
  5. Constructive set theory and new models of computation
  6. Set theory and the foundations of mathematics

Three workshops are planned during the programme: The first one (24-28 August 2015) will be the 5th European Set Theory Conference. The second workshop, entitled "New challenges in iterated forcing" will be a Satellite Meeting held at the University of East Anglia in Norwich (2-6 November 2015). A final workshop will take place on 14-18 December 2015.

Another UK event closely related to the HIF topics are the LMS Invited Lectures 2014 given by Jouko Väänänen at UEA, April 14-17, 2014.

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