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Programme Reports

Programme Dates Report
CAT - Complex analysis: techniques, applications and computations 2nd September 2019 to 19th December 2019
WHT - Bringing pure and applied analysis together via the Wiener-Hopf technique, its generalisations and applications 5th August 2019 to 30th August 2019
GCS - Geometry, compatibility and structure preservation in computational differential equations 3rd July 2019 to 19th December 2019
EBD - Mathematical and statistical challenges in landscape decision making 3rd July 2019 to 2nd August 2019
FHT - The fickle heart 13th May 2019 to 7th June 2019
MES - The mathematics of energy systems 3rd January 2019 to 3rd May 2019
DNM - The mathematical design of new materials 3rd January 2019 to 28th June 2019
ASC - Approximation, sampling and compression in data science 3rd January 2019 to 26th June 2019
HHH - Homotopy harnessing higher structures 2nd July 2018 to 21st December 2018
STS - Statistical scalability 10th January 2018 to 29th June 2018
UNQ - Uncertainty quantification for complex systems: theory and methodologies 3rd January 2018 to 29th June 2018
VMV - Variational methods and effective algorithms for imaging and vision 29th August 2017 to 20th December 2017
GFS - Growth form and self-organisation 22nd August 2017 to 20th December 2017
SIP - Mathematics of sea ice phenomena 21st August 2017 to 20th December 2017
NWW - Nonlinear water waves 31st July 2017 to 25th August 2017
OAS - Operator algebras: subfactors and their applications 9th January 2017 to 23rd June 2017
HTL - Homology theories in low dimensional topology 9th January 2017 to 30th June 2017
NPC - Non-positive curvature group actions and cohomology 3rd January 2017 to 23rd June 2017
SNA - Theoretical foundations for statistical network analysis 11th July 2016 to 21st December 2016
DLA - Data linkage and anonymisation 4th July 2016 to 21st December 2016
MIM - Melt in the mantle 15th February 2016 to 17th June 2016
QIM - Mathematical aspects of quantum integrable models in and out of equilibrium 11th January 2016 to 5th February 2016
SDB - Stochastic dynamical systems in biology: numerical methods and applications 4th January 2016 to 24th June 2016
HIF - Mathematical, Foundational and Computational Aspects of the Higher Infinite 19th August 2015 to 18th December 2015
MAM - Metric and Analytic Aspects of Moduli Spaces 20th July 2015 to 14th August 2015
CGP - Coupling geometric PDEs with physics for cell morphology, motility and pattern formation 13th July 2015 to 18th December 2015
RGM - Random geometry 12th January 2015 to 3rd July 2015
PEP - Periodic and Ergodic Spectral Problems 5th January 2015 to 26th June 2015
SYR - Systemic Risk: Mathematical Modelling and Interdisciplinary Approaches 18th August 2014 to 19th December 2014
UMC - Understanding microbial communities; function, structure and dynamics 11th August 2014 to 19th December 2014
QCE - Quantum Control Engineering: Mathematical Principles and Applications 21st July 2014 to 15th August 2014
TWW - Theory of Water Waves 14th July 2014 to 8th August 2014
GAN - Interactions between Dynamics of Group Actions and Number Theory 9th June 2014 to 4th July 2014
IDF - Infectious Disease Dynamics - Follow-up Meeting 19th May 2014 to 6th June 2014
MCM - Advanced Monte Carlo Methods for Complex Inference Problems 22nd April 2014 to 16th May 2014
MTG - Mathematical, statistical and computational aspects of the new science of metagenomics 24th March 2014 to 17th April 2014
ICP - Inference for Change-Point and Related Processes 13th January 2014 to 7th February 2014
FRB - Free Boundary Problems and Related Topics 6th January 2014 to 4th July 2014
MFE - Mathematics for the Fluid Earth 21st October 2013 to 20th December 2013
HOL - Mathematics and Physics of the Holographic Principle 16th September 2013 to 11th October 2013
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