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The Newton Institute has its own Preprint Series where the scientific papers of the Institute are freely available.

If you are a Cambridge author and you are submitting your work in the next REF then you will need to follow the guidelines on the University of Cambridge Open Access webpages to ensure that your work meets Open Access requirements. In addition, if you are supported by EPSRC or another UK Research Council, all publications published on/after 1st May 2015 need a statement describing how to access the underlying research data. For more information on this please see the University of Cambridge Research Data Management website

Newton Institute visitors are encouraged to submit relevant papers to the INI Preprint series. All papers should have been either completed at the Institute or based on work that took place partially or wholly at the Institute. You can submit material to the preprint series after your visit has ended as long as it is based on work during your visit. Please send a PDF copy to, which will be added to the lists below.

Bound hard copies of all preprints in the series are displayed in the Institute. We would also be pleased to hear from former visitors who have since completed papers based on research carried out here.

Please acknowledge the support of the Institute in your paper using the following text:

The author(s) would like to thank the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, for support and hospitality during the programme [insert programme name] where work on this paper was undertaken. This work was supported by EPSRC grant no EP/R014604/1.

Papers published in the Series are listed by date of submission and may be downloaded as PDFs. Individual hard copies can also be obtained on request from the Institute.

Programme Authors Title Attachments
IDP C. Jessica Metcalf; Soa Fy Andriamandimby; Rachel Baker; Emma E. Glennon; Katie Hampson; Deirdre Hollingsworth; Petra Klepac; Amy Wesolowski Challenges in predicting endemic establishment or elimination of novel pathogens. PDF icon ni20009.pdf
IDP Emma E. Glennon; Marjolein Bruijning; Justin Lessler; Ian F. Miller; Benjamin L. Rice; Robin N. Thompson; Konstans Wells; C. Jessica E. Metcalf Challenges in modeling the emergence of novel pathogens. PDF icon ni20008.pdf
IDP Liza Hadley; Peter Challenor; Chris Dent; Valerie Isham; Denis Mollison; D.A. Robertson ; Ben Swallow; Cerian Webb Challenges on the interaction of models and policy for pandemic control (VSI Challenges for Future Pandemics) PDF icon ni20007.pdf
IDP Mick Roberts; Andy Dobson; Olivier Restif; Kons Wells Challenges in modelling the dynamics of infectious diseases at the wildlife-human interface PDF icon ni20006.pdf
IDP Julia Gog; Jessica Enright; Edward Hill; Helena Stage; Kirsty Joy Bolton; EMILY J. NIXON; EMMA L. FAIRBANKS; Maria Tang; ELLEN BROOKS-POLLOCK; Louise Dyson; Christopher Budd; Rebecca Hoyle; Lars Schewe; Mike Tildesley SARS-COV-2 INFECTION IN UK UNIVERSITY STUDENTS: LESSONS FROM SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER 2020 AND MODELLING INSIGHTS FOR FUTURE STUDENT RETURN PDF icon ni20004.pdf
IDP Carolin Vegvari ; Sam Abbott; Frank Ball; Ellen Brooks Pollock; Robert Challen; Ben Collyer; Ciara Dangerfield; Julia Gog; Katelyn M Gostic; Jane Heffernan; Deirdre Hollingsworth; Valerie Isham; Eben Kenah; Denis Mollison; Jasmina Panovska-Griffiths; Lorenzo Pellis; Michael G Roberts; Gianpaolo Scalia Tomba; Robin Thompson; Pieter Trapman Statistical Methods in Medical Research; Commentary on the use of the reproduction number R during the COVID-19 pandemic PDF icon ni20003.pdf
IDP Robin Thompson; Deirdre Hollingsworth; Valerie Isham; Daniel Arribas-Bel; Ben Ashby; Tom Britton; Peter Challenor; Lauren H.K. Chappell; Hannah Clapham; Nik Cunniffe; Philip Dawid; Christl Donnelly; Rosalind Eggo; Sebastian Funk; Nigel Gilbert; Julia Gog; Paul Glendinning; William S. Hart; Hans Heesterbeek; Thomas House; Matt Keeling; Istvan Kiss; Mirjam Kretzschmar; Alun L Lloyd; Emma McBryde; James McCaw; Joel Miller; TJ McKinley; Martina Morris; Phil O'Neill; Carl Pearson; Kris V. Parag; Lorenzo Pellis; Juliet Pulliam; Joshua Ross; Mike Tildesley; Gianpaolo Scalia Tomba; Bernard Silverman KEY QUESTIONS FOR MODELLING 1 COVID-19 EXIT STRATEGIES PDF icon ni20002.pdf
IDP Ben Ashby; Emma Davis; Christopher Dye; Rosalind Eggo; Denis Mollison; Lorenzo Pellis; Gianpaolo Scalia Tomba; Caroline Trotter; Cerian Webb; Deirdre Hollingsworth; Julia Gog; Rebecca F Baggaley, University of Leicester; Lauren Chappell, University of Oxford; Liz Fearon, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; Martyn Fyles, University of Manchester; Katie Hampson, University of Glasgow; Anatole Menon-Johansson, Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust; Jane Meyrick, University of West of England; Jane Nicholls, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board; Manish Pareek, University of Leicester; Katy Turner, University of Bristol; Lucy Yard